はぼろサンセットビーチ 開設期間 : 7月〜8月 北のリゾートは南国気分

Haboro Sunset Beach is open from July to mid-August. The wide sandy beach features lines of outdoor lighting in the shape of palm trees, a paddling pool and a floating play island in the sea, and is perfect for a summer full of family fun!

The beach houses are located in the center of the vast beach, and feature an information center, hot water showers, flushing toilets, shops and an observation tower.
You can camp for free on sunset beach. Enjoy the perfect summertime holiday with these outstanding facilities and beautiful views of the Sea of Japan.
This symbol of Sunset Beach puts you in a tropical mood! Combined with breathtaking sunset views over the Sea of Japan, these street lights set the perfect background for romantic ocean views.
Enjoy hours of fun in the sea on the floating play island. There is also a paddling pool that toddlers and small children can enjoy splashing around in.
The beach volleyball court is available free of charge. The Sunset Beach Cup volleyball competition is held here every year.

平成22年度より 無料!! 駐車場 キャンプ場利用料 マリンスポーツ遊具 ※バンガローは廃止となりました


Hot water showers 300 yen for 4 mins.(Beach-house Side)
200 yen for 3 mins.(Lavatory Side)
Sea Play Equipment Free (time restrictions apply)
Campsite fees Free
Parking Free

[ Inquiries ]
(July and August) Sunset Beach Administration Building/TEL 0164-62-5080
(Rest of the year) Industries Division, Haboro Town/TEL 0164-68-7007

羽幌町民スキー場「びゅー」 のんびり楽しめるファミリーゲレンデ

This family-oriented ski hill features simple, fun slopes with beautiful views of the Sea of Japan. Featuring excellent quality powder snow, the ski hill is fully equipped with pair lifts that carry skiers to the top of the two different courses as well as a restaurant house for when you want a well-deserved rest!

Facility Details [A Course]
Course length: 880m, Average width: 35m
Difference in elevation: 160m, Average gradient: 10 degrees, Maximum gradient: 25 degrees
[B Course]
Course length: 860m, Average width: 35m
Difference in elevation: 160m, Average gradient: 11 degrees, Maximum gradient: 20 degrees
Opening Period Late December to Late March (Closed December 31st and January 1st)
Inquiries Haboro Town Ski Hill "Byu" 405-1 Aza-chuo, Haboro-cho, Tomamae-gun, Hokkaido
TEL 0164-62-6800

羽幌オロロンパークゴルフ場 冷涼な潮風を受けて、熱く戦う

This flat course is perfect for beginners. It is fully equipped for night games, and features 18 holes, par 68 and a total length of 840m. There is also a park golf course in the neighboring sports park. You can rent equipment from the center house in the park golf course.

Opening Period Around May to October
Opening Hours 6:00am to sunset (open until 9:00pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays for night games)
Fees Sakuraike Course (Free)
Shiomaneki Course (100 yen per day towards management fees)
Inquiries Sakaemachi, Haboro-cho, Tomamae-gun, Hokkaido Social Education Section, Board of Education
TEL 0164-62-5880

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Teuri Island is a natural habitat for native and migratory birds.
The center of the island has many footpaths from which you can enjoy watching wild birds and strolling past wild flowers.
"Nogama-kan" is a rest house that is visited by many birdwatchers throughout the year.


Enjoy a challenging game of park golf in the refreshing breeze and natural greenery of this fully equipped park golf course. Teuri Island Park Golf Course is perfect for park golfers to enjoy a challenging round.

Opening Period: April to end of October
Inquiries: 01648-3-5624 (Mantani)

レンタルサイクル・レンタルバイク・レンタカー・観光バス 島の道は二輪車タイプ、のんびり散策。

A rental bicycle or motorcycle is the perfect way to get around the 12km circumference of the island. Families and larger groups will also enjoy using a rent-a-car or guided sightseeing bus.


Ororon Rental (Late April to late September)
Mobile phone:090-8633-3906 FAX:01648-3-5125

Rental Cycle Bicycle: 1,000 yen for 4 hours
Electric Bicycle: 1,500 yen for 2 hours
            2,000 yen for 4 hours
Light vehicle 3,300 yen per hour (1,000 yen for 30 minutes) *Includes fuel charges
Scooter Scooter (50cc) 1,500 yen for 1 hour, 2,000 yen for 2 hours
Scooter (100cc) 2,500 yen for 1 hour, 3,000 yen for 2 hours

Wakomaru Bicycle Rental (June 15 to September 15)
TEL:01648-3-5306 FAX:01648-3-5306 Mobile phone:090-8898-7241

Rental Cycle 800 yen for 2 hours, 1,000 yen for half day
50cc Scooter 1,500 yen for 1 hour, 2,000 yen for 2 hours


Teuri Sightseeing Bus (Teuri Light Transport: May 1 to end of September)
TEL:01648-3-5527 01648-3-5537 FAX:01648-3-5527

Island Circular Course Adult 1,600 yen, Child (6 to 15 years old) 800 yen (required time: 90 minutes)
*Purchase tickets from sightseeing bus ticket window next to Teuri Ferry Terminal.
*Departs immediately with 5 or more passengers
Rhinoceros Auklet Watching Tour Adults 1,000 yen, Children (6 to 11 years old) 500 yen
*Sightseeing bus collects passengers from each of the inns and takes them to the Akaiwa area of Teuri to see the Rhinoceros Auklet birds which roost there.


Teuri Island & Oraga Island Activation Committee (May 1 to end of September)
TEL:01648-3-5515 01648-3-5401(Teuri Island Tourist Information)

Fees 500 yen per night/Half price for children 11 years and under, separated rubbish disposal
Facilities Simple toilets, running water
Facilities at Teuri Island Visitor Center Umi no Uchyukan (Center opening times)
Paid Services Bathing at specified accommodations,
Breakfast at Umi no Uchyukan, seafood and other ingredients provided by cooperating stores


Guest House/Sightseeing Boat Sakaemaru (May to September)
TEL:090-8425-9859 01648-3-5401(Teuri Island Tourist Information)

Teuri Island Circular Course Adult 3,000 yen, Child (6 to 11 years old) half price (required time: 90 minutes)
*Children under 6: Free
*Minimum 2 passengers(maximum 12)
*Inquire at Teuri Island Tourist Information


Guide: Akinori Utsumi
Guided tour about the history and seasons of the island.

Period April to September
No. of Participants 1 to 5 (inquire for details)
Fees 1,500 yen (90 min) *Cost and insurance


Teuri Island & Oraga Island Activation Committee
Please inquire for more details

Sea Kayaking Period: June to September, prior bookings required
No. of Participants: 1 to 7
Fees: Experience course: Adults 4,000 yen,3-hour course: Adults 7,000 yen
(Including insurance and drink)
Sea Urchin Picking July and August (Sea urchin fishing ride)
About 2,000 yen
Stargazing Nights Period: Specified dates in August and September from 8:00pm to 9:00pm
No. of Participants: 1 to 10
Fees: Adult 2,000 yen (includes one drink)

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Shirahama campsite is located near the shallows off the south coast of the island, and is a convenient place for campers. It is the perfect place for gathering shellfish on the seashore or swimming out to the reef. You can use the tent pitches, kitchen and simple flushing toilets for free at Shirahama campsite.
Opening Period: Early May to late September


You can enjoy hiking around the 12km island trail, take a rental bicycle, or even use a sightseeing taxi.


Rental Cycle Umehara (May to September 20th)
TEL:01648-2-3559 FAX:01648-2-3247

Rental Cycle 2 hours 800 yen (200 yen for each additional hour)
Full day rental 1,000 yen


Yagishiri Sightseeing Taxi (Golden-week to the end of September)

Guided Courses to Various Locations 9-perosn Jumbo Taxi: 1,400 yen per person (with tour around island)

Nunome Ryokan Inn Sightseeing Taxi (Golden-week to the end of September)
TEL:01648-2-3311 FAX.01648-2-3312

Guided Courses to Various Locations 9-perosn Jumbo Taxi: 1,400 yen per person (with tour around island)



Guide: Naohito Okuno TEL:050-5319-8358
Born in Osaka and raised in Hyogo prefecture, this is a guided tour Kansai-style!
Interesting and in-depth tour of the island from the unique perspective of a settler.

Period May to September
No. of Participants 1 to 8
Fees 3,000 yen (2 hours 30 minutes) *1 participant fee is 4,800 yen
*Includes insurance
*Prior bookings required (same day bookings possible depending on availability)
*Includes souvenir, light snack, coffee.

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